Our Story

We provide healthy & convenient snacks made with real ingredients that taste great

Snacks should be simple.

Healthy, delicious snacks should be a given in your everyday world. Something easy and simple that doesn't take too much of your time. But it hasn't been. Until now. 

Like you, all of us here at Avid Eats want to provide healthy meals for our families  - and we mostly do. However, when it comes to snacks we default. Grabbing the processed cheese puffs, greasy potato chips, sugary granola bars as we head out the door.

We get it. We get you. And we all know we can do better. We decided it was time to solve this snacking epidemic and have purposefully set out on a mission.  

It's that simple.

We work with a leading nutritionist to develop the greatest blend of healthy fats and digestive foods that fuel the body. We test various recipes with an audience of parents and children to make sure only the very best pass. And most importantly, we stay true to our four rules. 

snack rules

Avid Eats snacks are made with ingredients you recognize. 

Kids can be picky. So can parents. Tastiness is an absolute must.

Enough with processed foods. Let's get healthy back on the snack menu. 

Avid Eats snacks take seconds to prepare. 

Our Community Partner

Community is important to us. We have partnered with Community Table Kitchen, a social enterprise of Bridge House, for snack production. Bridge House is a non-profit organization dedicated to ending homelessness one person at a time through access to employment, training, and housing.
Learn more about the Boulder Bridge House and Community Table Kitchen. 


Michelle Frye

Michelle's story coming soon! 

David Secunda

David's story coming soon! 


Receive some time saving tips, and nutritional tricks (read: get your kids to eat healthy). Don't worry, if you haven't noticed, we're all about simplicity and won't send too much.